Strategic HR Management in Europe FH des bfi Wien

Very poor education and managment

Vicki , 29.12.2017 Bericht archiviert

Strategic HR Management in Europe

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I would never, ever recommend this university to anyone specially if you plan to build a professional HR career or you have already gained some years experience in this field. Poor study content, and many unnecessaries courses which makes you feel you have wasted your time completely by studying them! Also many contents are so old fashion and has nothing to do in a current year that we are living with massive changes that happens daily in global organizatio managment! The study director's organization skill and her managment style, her communication is very poor, and you thinking as HR study director you expect to see some of the ideal performance at some degree. Can u imagine that in an admin day you felt that you are in kindergarden, when you have been asked to stay in a row next to the wall based on your working hour...?!!! Plus bad classes schedule specially if you have a full time job or need to travel for your job, very unflexie! Last but not the least almost everything taught out of the book, teachers barely have a practical knowlege! ☹
Vicki (26-30)

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Strategic HR Management in Europe

FH des bfi Wien

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Studienbeginn: 2016

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